Sunday, March 3, 2013

Get More Protein.

In the course of all of my appointments and tests, I met with a nutritionist a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, she said our normal diet is pretty good – we could stand to eat more protein and vegetables, but otherwise I do a pretty good job of offering healthy choices. Yay me!

She didn't recommend making a lot of drastic changes right now. She said if I start incorporating a lot of healthier items and then react poorly I'll start to associate those foods with chemo and not want to eat them later. Instead, she suggested making small changes to what we already eat.

For instance, since getting more protein will be important I could add peanut butter or simple protein powder to the fruit smoothies the punks and I love. I could also use peanut butter instead of cream cheese on my bagels. She suggested making our own nut mix by roasting our favorite raw nuts in the oven using low heat, increasing our intake of fish high in omega-3's (but low in mercury like canned light tuna, salmon, catfish and pollock) and replacing rice with quinoa because of its high content of protein, fiber and iron.

All changes I think we can incorporate fairly smoothly, even with a couple of picky eaters in the house. Yeah ... I should probably include myself in that description, so it's more like a few picky eaters.

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