Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catching Up With Now.

I found the lump in early December and the majority of that month and January were spent seeing doctors and taking tests. Rationally, I know the doctors needed to gather as much information as possible – what kind of cancer, where is it, what are the best treatment options. All I could think was while I'm failing tests the cancer is having a party.

I do think it was the best time of year for me to get the news. Surprised? Consider the fact that I live with two punks (10- and 8-years-old) and Christmas was coming. We had cookies to bake, shopping to do, family to visit, Santa to see, gifts to be made and snow to be played in. In other words, there were plenty of distractions and I didn't have time to think. 

Still, those first two months while we waited for answers were hard. When we finally got the surgery scheduled for the end of January, I started to calm down. I'd had almost two months to get used to the idea and we were finally going to do something. That was huge for my peace of mind. 

Usually February is my least favorite month, but this year it's been fantastic. I hear birds chirping when I wake up, we've had several warm days and crocuses and daffodils are popping up in my flower beds. The early signs of Spring always lift my spirits and I'm glad this year is no different. Not every day is good, but my sense of humor and snarky attitude are making a comeback – just like the flowers, birds and temperatures.


  1. Karen, I've enjoyed your blog for quite some time. My thoughts and warm wishes are with you now.

  2. Also my thoughts are with you, writing in your sketchbook and drawing are cathratic (i think I spelled that wrong).

  3. I too enjoy your way of drawing and writing about your days. I'm sorry that you have to go through this. I hope you find peace and light in the days ahead.

  4. Karen, these are very powerful pages.


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