Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Got Your Halls Decked?

I've seen some very pretty, elegant trees this year, but I have to say I prefer our mishmash of decorations. The hubster and I have favorite ornaments from our childhood on the tree. We have a huge collection of Disney and Looney Tune characters the punks think are theirs, but we actually started collecting before they were twinkles in our eyes. Every year we've added an ornament for each of us and we have all the ones the punks and I have made.

My favorite part of decorating is opening boxes and removing tissue paper to reveal all the treasures we've amassed. Every year I tear up and sniffle over the same ornaments, while the family alternates between laughing at me and pretending not to notice I'm at it again. The punks put up most of the ornaments, the hubster fills in holes and makes adjustments, the dog hides because he doesn't handle change well and I take a trip down memory lane.

Makes for a pretty close to perfect afternoon.

Or four days when you get a tree as big as GIGANTOR, but that's another story.

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