Friday, November 30, 2012

Holy Camoly!

I spent four hours at the zoo yesterday trying out my new camera. I'm in love! The fact that it was a gorgeous, sunny day didn't hurt, but I still can't believe some of the shots I got. If you're looking for something with more control than a point & shoot, but don't want the expense of a DSLR this Nikon Coolpix P510 would be a good choice.

I know I've oohed and ahhed over my cameras before, but this one keeps on amazing me. As if the mega-zoom weren't enough, I'm so into the manual focus. I've had it on other cameras, but it's always been a hassle. This is almost as easy as the dial on the lens of my conventional 35mm. I had no trouble picking out the subject, even in busy shots like the squirrel in the tree. He was up high amidst a ton of branches that would have confused the auto focus on my other cameras, but I was able to zero in on him without a problem.

This camera might be permanently attached to my hand for a while.


  1. I was jealous at just the *thought* of a new camera, but now, ... woah! Fantastic photos. How about broad landscape and macro capabilities? Inquiring minds want to know! ;-)

  2. Incredible pictures - wow! The Tiger one is fantastic! I love them all!! Your camera may be awesome, but you obviously have a great eye as a photographer / artist - GO YOU!! Love these pics!!


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