Friday, November 30, 2012

Far Away and Up Close.

Everything I posted yesterday was about the superzoom capabilities of the Coolpix P510. I only took a couple of wide angle landscape shots and you can find better examples at Nikon, but these should give you an idea.

I also never mentioned the macro capabilities, did I? Well, let me tell you, it lets you get up close & personal with your subject. So close that you smash some of the petals up against the lens.
So close you might get poked by your teeny-tiny catctus.
So close that you realize you should probably dust before taking close-up examples. According to the measurements taken by my trusty assistant, I had the lens less than 1 centimeter from the marble.
There are basketball games and ice skating lessons on the agenda for tomorrow. Guess I'll get to try out the burst settings and low light capabilities. Wheeee!


  1. I'm sure Nikon has nice examples, but seeing your experiments are so much more interesting to me, personally (heh). Thanks for this! The photos look fantastic and I can tell you're having a blast with the new camera! :)

    1. Yeah, it kicks butt! Good thing we're in the Christmas season and I'll have tons of excuses to break it out. ;-)

  2. Excellent photos in this post and last! Very nice camera.

    I switched from Olympus to Canon a few cameras back, and am a little disapppointed in my latest camera (SX20 IS) though it is still plenty good. If you keep posting photos like these, I may just give Coolpix a whirl next purchase.


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