Sunday, April 10, 2011

Someone Stole My Sunday!

I swear I left it where I usually do, right after Saturday, but I can't find it. I heard it was a nice day, too. The Indians won another game, the sun was shining and it got close to 80 degrees. Somehow between church, errands, gymnastics, dinner and girl scouts, I missed it.

And tomorrow it's supposed to rain.

Darn it.

The good news is that will give me an excuse to get my next I Am An Artist installment polished up and posted.


  1. Sometimes I loose my Saturdays for who knows where they had disappear off too. My guess you were so in-tuned and Poof Sunday Ran away!

    Your Flower paintings are beautiful!

    Follow your blog from Serena Lewis blog and glad I did :)

  2. I misplace days quite frequently. Darned if I know where they went. ;)

  3. I have your Sunday and I'm holding it hostage.

    p.s. HI!!!

  4. Glad to know I'm not alone in the missing day department. ;-)


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