Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Bored. There's Nothing To Do.

It's kind of early in the winter to be dealing with that declaration, but that's what I heard tonight.

I did what I usually do in this situation. I reminded the Punk of the room full of toys, closet full of games and desk full of art supplies.

Guess what won.
Mine ... another of the many snowmen around here.

Punk's ... cranes lifting the biggest Christmas decorations ever.

Punkette's ... Santa's almost down the chimney.

Drew this at work while waiting for a document to print.


  1. way to use that idle time at work! i love it!

  2. Love the picture of all three of you drawing away! Leave it to a boy to find a way to add cranes in a Christmas picture--sooo funny! Nice job they both did. Cute snowman in a santa-like suit and had to chuckle at the while-you-were-waiting phone sketch. Yup! It's around the corner!! :):)

  3. Nothing like a bit of channeled boredom to awaken some creativity.


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