Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'd Call It A Success!

It's later and I had fun!
First I have to thank the hubster for ... well ... many things.

  • Putting up with me in crazy-stressed-out-artist mode for the last two months (yes, it's probably been longer, but I'm guess-timating).
  • Driving me to the show and helping me set up ... my hands were shaking so bad I couldn't get the ornaments on the trees.
  • Getting me something to draw (I ate the donut eventually) to distract me and calm me down.
  • Sticking around with me the whole day (Thanks to his parents for keeping the Punks for the day so the hubster could stay).
  • Suggesting I take my Rock Icon paintings ... I sold the Beatles!

I'm still walking on air — I can't believe I sold the paintings! I had three people compliment me and say something along the lines of they'd be back after they checked out the rest of the show. Then another person bought them and the other three people were not happy when they came back.

That all happened BEFORE we'd even been there an hour!

I would have walked out a happy woman at that point, but I had 19 more sales! AND I got an order for 10 of the peace ornaments — I only had 8 at the show. My goal was to break even on the table and supply costs (and not faint or throw up in public) – and I more than did that. 

Of course, I would have come home with a little bit more if this hadn't been calling my name from across the aisle. 
Every time someone else picked it up, I growled. Not loud enough for them to hear me, but enough that the hubster finally said, "If you like it that much, go get it." So I did.

Seriously, how could I be expected to resist it? I love flowers and poppies are my favorites — it was fate, I tell you!

Looks pretty good when you consider I was shaking like a leaf.
So, my first craft fair is done and I survived to tell the tale.



  1. that is fantastic news! so excited for you - both for the sales AND for you scoring that bag!

  2. Woohoo! A milestone event and a sales and a lovely bag for all the efforts!!

    Kudos to hubby for helping out too!

  3. That's awesome Karen - I had so wanted to come and meet you but there just wasn't time enough in the day! So happy for you and your success!

  4. Congrats! Congrats!
    So glad the hubby was there all day wth you and that he suggestd you take the acrylics! I love the Beatles (was a young bopper when I watched them on Ed Sullivan) and those have always been my favorites of yours. I would have been growling from across the aisle--even if I couldn't afford to buy them--ROFL!

    So excited for you! I figured you would do well. And glad you got the poppy purse, too. :):)

  5. How wonderful. Congrats on the sales and surviving the event. I'm so pleased for you!


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