Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Niece O' Mine!

The Punks and my niece circa 2004.

My birthday doesn't make me feel old (I have plenty of grey hair for that). Realizing that my oldest niece is 18 today forced me to face the fact that maybe I'm a grown-up after all.

Now if my complexion would just get with the program and stop acting like it's still living on the face of a sixteen-year-old. Shouldn't an advantage of getting older be clear skin?


  1. Trust me - even at 52, clear skin is a pipe dream for some of us. However - with age DOES come the blessing of not giving a rip any more. It's clean. It's mine. So what?

  2. Good luck! I will be 60 pretty soon and still get the occasional blotch or two!

    I totally agree with you that it is other people's birthdays that make me realize just how old I am. Just happened to me when my dad turned 90 and my son turned 36 this month--and I thought--"wait a minute! when did this happen?" ;)

  3. Okay, not making me feel better on the facial issues. ;-)


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