Saturday, October 30, 2010

Altered Book.

Here's my first spread in my altered book for the Art, Heart & Healing online class. This week's lesson focused on acrylic transfers – something I've wanted to try and never had the chance. You were to find an image of yourself, preferable under the age of three, and list things you'd wish for that child.

I had a hard time with that, actually, so instead I thought about all the hopes and dreams I have for my Punks. I immediately thought of the lyrics to Forever Young by Bob Dylan, although I'm fond of the Peter, Paul & Mary version.

The song makes me cry now that I have kids, especially when I get to the last verse about having a strong foundation. After all, it's my job to help create that foundation and the song makes me wonder how well that's going, for the Punkette especially.

The Punk runs fast-forward into every day and any new adventure. No obstacle seems to big or intimidating and I worry more about his physical well-being than anything else.

The Punkette is more like me, cautious and perhaps a little unsure of herself. I want her to be a strong individual, confident in her gifts and abilities and how can I really instill that strength when I still struggle with having it myself?

I suppose her dad and I will just have to keep muddling through this raising kids thing together. Between the two of us, we seem to be doing all right so far.


  1. Karen, It turned out beautifully! Did you use the transparency or paper for your transfer?

    I love the lyrics you've used here. I'm going to have to go look that song up. Sooooo perfect!

    I struggle with the same issues with myself and with my three boys... and try to remember that we all have our journeys to make - adults and children both - and try to love and help my children in my imperfect way, the best that I can.

    Such an interesting class .... it's really amazing where it takes you. XO

  2. That's not fair. Now I'm sniffling. If your Punk and Punkette turn out as well as mine did, you will have no problems. And somehow, I feel sure that they will. I think you had a pretty good foundation if I do say so myself.

  3. beautiful post karen! such beauty in each of your kids!

  4. Love that song! Nice spread for your altered book.

    I worried about that, too, off and on over the years of raising my boy. He's a good man today. (Whew! She wipes her forehead.) Looking back...I think the most important thing is to love them and teach them empathy and to think through making decisions for themselves. Sounds to me like you have that in the bag. ;)

    I think your mom did a great job, too! :):)


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