Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Reader?

As I waited in the car with the Punkette, I caught a glimpse of the Punk running (he moves so fast he's usually a blur) with something in his hands. When he got closer, he was waving it with a big smile on his face and talking before he even got inside ... where, you know, I could hear him.

What was all the fuss about? He checked out his first "chapter book" from the library. The substitute librarian didn't know first graders can't go in the yellow section ... or perhaps didn't realize my little freak of nature is a first grader. He's all excited because it's like the books I read.

So as I type this, I can hear him in the background starting Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I'll have to read it when he's not looking ... the summary sounded like something I might like.


  1. Let it be the first of many - it's the best habit in the world (next is drawing)

  2. Hurray for the Punk! May he sneak into the yellow section often and repeatedly!!! A child that excited about getting his hands on a book should be able to get his hands on any book he desires.

    Curses on evil librarians who limit a kid's reading options based solely on their size. Curses!

  3. I'm glad that he made it into the yellow section!!!! I'm studying to be a school librarian, so I can say that with authority! Maybe the substitute knew the rule but thought it was a dumb one!


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